Turning Gratitude Inward

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Turning Gratitude Inward:

Thanksgiving is a time we express gratitude for the family and friends that surround us, for the roofs over our head, for the food on our tables, and the cloths on our backs. This is “external gratitude”…appreciation for the blessings around us. We are taught not to take what we have for granted.

One thing we do take for granted, however is our body. Have you ever stopped to consider all that your body has done for you? We spend so much time and energy at war with our body that we don’t consider what all our body does for us. We are trained to distrust our bodies, compare them to other bodies, and to value what they are like over how well they’re doing on the inside. Let’s call a cease fire! Let’s be a peace with our bodies and express gratitude for all that our bodies do.

Every cell in your body, every muscle fiber, every nook and cranny has a purpose that is all part of the greater purpose.

Our bodies are pretty incredible! So much that most of their work goes unnoticed. They forgive us if we mistreat them and they don’t give up on us easily and they love us unconditionally. Let’s turn gratitude inward, shall we?

Excerpt taken from REbel article written by Program Coordinator, Jessica Betts.

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