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Welcome to Lewis Central Titan Basketball!

Please feel free to browse through our web page, and check out some of the history of Lewis Central basketball. We are proud of the progress we have made as a program, and look forward to another exciting season .

Dan Miller
Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Lewis Central High School

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DAY                DATE             OPPONENT                         TIME              SITE               OFFICIAL


TUE.                 11/27/18            DENISON (JV/V)                       6:00 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  11/30/18             RED OAK (JV/V)                       6:00 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 12/4/18             GLENWOOD (JV/V)                   6:00 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  12/7/18             KUEMPER (JV/V)                      6:00 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 12/11/18            SHENANDOAH (JV/V)               6:00 P.M.          Shenandoah


FRI.                  12/14/18            HARLAN (JV/V)                         6:00 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 12/18/18            SIOUX CITY EAST (JV/V)         4:00/7:30 P.M.   SC East


THU.                 12/20/18            CRESTON (JV/V)                      6:00 P.M.          Creston


FRI.                  1/4/19               CLARINDA (JV/V)                     6:00 P.M.          LC

SAT.   1/5/19     INDIANOLA (JV/V)                   4:00/7:30 PM Indianola


TUE.                 1/8/19               GRETNA (JV/V)                        6:00 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  1/11/19             ATLANTIC (JV/V)                      6:00 P.M.          Atlantic


SAT.                 1/12/19             Bellevue West(V)                     8:30 P.M.            Mid-America Center


TUE.                 1/15/19             DENISON (JV/V)                       6:00 P.M.          Denison


FRI.                  1/18/19             SERGEANT BLUFF LUTON (JV/V) 4:00/7:30 P.M.   LC SB-L

THU.                 1/24/19             THOMAS JEFFERSON (JV/V)   4:00/7:30 P.M.   T.J.


TUE                  1/29/19             SIOUX CITY NORTH (JV/V)       4:00 P.M.          SC North


FRI.                  2/1/19               ST. ALBERT(V)                         7:30 P.M.          


TUE.                 2/5/19               ABRAHAM LINCOLN (JV/V)      4:00/7:30 P.M.   LC


FRI.                  2/8/19               HARLAN (JV/V)                         6:00 P.M.          LC

TUE.                 2/12/19             GLENWOOD (JV/V)                   6:00 P.M.          Glenwood


MON.                2/18/19             SUBSTATE                               TBA                  TBA


FRI.                  2/22/19             SUBSTATE                               TBA                  TBA


TUE.                 2/26/19             SUSTATE                                 TBA                  TBA


WED.                3/4-8/19           STATE                                     TBA                  DES MOINES











DAY                DATE             OPPONENT                         TIME              SITE               OFFICIALS


MON.                11/26/18            ABRAHAM LINCOLN (A ONLY)   7:30 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 11/27/18            DENISON (A ONLY)                  5:45 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  11/30/18             RED OAK (A ONLY)                  5:45 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 12/4/18             GLENWOOD (A ONLY)              5:45 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  12/7/18             KUEMPER (A ONLY)                 4:30 P.M.          LC


TUE.                 12/11/18            SHENANDOAH (A ONLY)          5:45 P.M.          Shenandoah


FRI.                  12/14/18            HARLAN (A ONLY)                    4:30 P.M.          LC


THU.                 12/20/18            CRESTON (A ONLY)                 5:45 P.M.          Creston


FRI.                  1/4/19               CLARINDA (A ONLY)                5:45 P.M.          LC

SAT.                 1/5/19                INDIANOLA (A ONLY)              5:30 P.M.


THU.                 1/10/19             A.L. (A&B)                                6:00 P.M.          A.L.


FRI.                  1/11/19             ATLANTIC (A ONLY)                 4:30P.M.             ATLANTIC


TUE.                 1/15/19             DENISON (A ONLY)                  4:30 P.M.          DENISON


TUE.                 1/29/19           SIOUX CITY NORTH (A ONLY)  4:00 P.M.          SIOUX CITY NORTH


THU.                 1/31/19               T.J. (A ONLY)                           5:30 P.M.          LC


FRI.                  2/1/19               ST. ALBERT (A ONLY)              4:00 P.M.          S.A.


FRI.                  2/8/19               HARLAN (A ONLY)                    4:30 P.M.          HARLAN


TUE.                 2/12/19             GLENWOOD (A ONLY)              5:45 P.M.          GLENWOOD


SAT.                 2/16/19             RALSTON TRNY                       9:00 A.M.          RALSTON

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