Large Group Speech Categories

Large Group Categories

Reader's Theatre
Focuses on the use of interpretive skills to present prose, poetry and/or drama. Similar to a play but read from a script and without the use of a set, props or costumes, with some movement. A narrator may be used. Up to fifteen performers.
Maximum time: 25 minutes

Choral Reading
Involves group interpretation (up to fifteen students) of a text using a variety of solo and ensemble speaking. It is usually based on a theme which may also incorporate singing, dancing, props, costumes and/or set but none are required.
Maximum time: 15 minutes

Ensemble Acting
A memorized event performed by two to six actors which focuses on character development and interaction with other actors. Set, props and costumes are not used. Material is usually cut from a play. Three groups go to contest.
Maximum time: 15 minutes

Group Mime
An ensemble two to six students creating a story or expressing a message without the use of words. Encourages creativity, concentration, facial expression and controlled bodily activity. Students do not wear mime makeup and will wear a black costume. Three groups go to contest.
Maximum time: 7 minutes

Solo Mime
Same as group mime but with one member. Three entries go to contest.
Maximum time: 5 minutes

Group Improvisation
Two or three students draw a situation and are given two minutes to create a story about it. Work as an ensemble is emphasized. Three groups go to contest.
Maximum time: 5 minutes

Musical Theatre
Two to six students perform a piece that includes a song, usually taken from a musical. It may include dancing or acting but neither are required. Three groups go to contest.
Maximum time: 10 minutes

Radio News
Audio production of a newscast that needs to include weather, sports, special feature, commercial and news. Great for those who do not want the spotlight but have a fabulous speaking voice. Pre-taped, so students aren't required to go to contest. 

Television Newscasting
A pre-recorded news program involving any number of students on and off camera. Students develop the script which includes news, weather, sports, a special feature and commercials. We will not do TV News unless we have students enrolled at the Tucker Center in the Radio and TV production class. Students interested in this should do Radio News instead.
Maximum time: 12 to 15 minutes

One-Act Play
A memorized 30 minute production. The works--set, props, costumes, makeup--basically a mini-play. We won't do this unless we have a director.
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