Daily Student Bulletin

June 3, 2014

Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate and that does not disrupt the school or educational environment.  These would include but are not limited to the following: midriffs should not be showing when standing in a normal position; no excessive exposure of top or bottom cleavage (includes short shorts and low cut tops); undergarments should not be exposed; appropriate footwear should be worn at all times (no slippers); and no tank tops, spaghetti straps or other garments that would allow for excessive exposure of the chest or torso area.

Students who are inappropriately dressed are required to change their clothing.  Repeat offenders will face disciplinary action.  




Please check the lost and found.  There are several items to be claimed.                                                  


The boys track banquet will be held on Wednesday the 4th of June at 5:15 PM in the high school cafeteria.


Congratulations to Caleb Shudak on finishing 8th at the State Tennis Tournament this weekend.                  


Students, please clean out your lockers before you leave on Thursday.  Locker cleaning will begin on Friday, anything left in lockers will be thrown away.