Daily Student Bulletin
September 15, 2014   

Kirkwood Community College is offering a $5,000 Presidential Scholarship to seniors who have a 25 or higher ACT composite with a 3.5 or higher GPA.  Kirkwood also has a $2,500 Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship for seniors who have a 3.0 or higher GPA and are in the top half of their class.  See Mrs. Bode-Steinke to get the application.  The deadline is March 16, 2015.


Fast Forward!   9 days.  That's when approximately 70 colleges and organizations will be at our LC-CB College Fair.  If your 5th or 6th period teacher isn't planning to bring your class to our large gym for the College Fair, ask for a pass and make the most of this awesome opportunity!


Students, Joselyn Art Museum is now taking applications for high school volunteers for the 2014-2015 JAMbassadors program.  JAMbassadors include helping instructors with youth classes, interacting with families and guests at public events, and many behind-the-scenes preparations.  Please apply online at www.joslyn.org/education/jambassadors/. Applications will be accepted until Thursday, September 24.                                                               9/24/14


Hy-Vee’s Cash For Students has started.  Please save your receipts and bring to Donna in the office.           


Juniors and Seniors:  Listen up!  On Monday, September 29, at 6:30 in our Multipurpose Room, LCHS is hosting a College and Career Planning presentation.  You and your parents should plan to attend.  Again, juniors, seniors, and their parents should plan to attend the College and Career Planning presentation at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 29.


Juniors, listen up!  You should be registering for the PSAT test, which will be given right here at LC on Wednesday, October 15 in the multi-purpose room at 800 a.m..  Bring your $14 registration fee to Mary Knavel in the principal's office, where you will then be given your Official Student Guide.  We are also offering a $5 PSAT Test Prep Workshop from 1:00-2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October .  Get a flyer from outside Mrs. Bode-Steinke's door if you'd like to register for the workshop.  The deadline for signing up for both the PSAT test and the workshop is Tuesday, September 30.


There will be another picture re-take day during lunch today in the library.  Forms are available in the Principal’s office.  If you purchased an activity ticket and not have not had your picture taken, please go to the library during lunch.  Also, we have the re-take pictures and activity tickets in the office.                                                                   9/15/14                                                                                                                                                

The Homecoming Dance is Saturday, September 20. If you will be bringing a guest to the Homecoming dance, please stop in the Principal's office to pick up a Visitor Permission Form.  Guests attending Middle School or over the age of 20 are not permitted to attend Lewis Central High School dances. The Visitor permission Form must be returned to Mary in the Principal's Office by Wednesday, September 17. Students will not be able to purchase tickets until this form has been submitted.                                                                                                                                 9/17/14


Art Club is cancelled for today.                                                                                                                9/15/14


Homecoming week festivities:

Tuesday=Jersey/Sports Team Day

Thursday=80's Throwback day

Friday=Spirit Day        

Coronation will be held on Thursday evening, September 18 starting at 7 p.m.       

Homecoming dance will be held on Saturday evening, September 20 from 7:30 until 10:30 p.m.                   9/18/14


There was a necklace found.  See Donna in the office to identify.                                                               9/18/14





HEY DRAMA STUDENTS & POTENTIAL DRAMA STUDENTS—TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THE REQUIRED INFORMATIONAL MEETING FOR THIS YEAR’S FALL PLAYS...  The informational meeting is from 2:54-3:34 pm in the Drama Room and you must attend the informational meeting to be eligible for an acting or behind-the-scenes role
. Can’t make it?  Not a problem as long as you see McG before the end of the day on Wednesday.  Try-outs and interviews can be scheduled to meet your needs.

There is also a Drama Night this week Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 in the Drama Room.  Potential ITS members will meet from 6:30-8:30 and ITS members will meet from 6:30-9:30.

We will be doing at least two comedies this fall to involve more students, shorten rehearsals for most students, give our audience more variety and allow us to show our talent in creating at least two separate sets. 


We will be doing Christopher Durang's hysterical comedy AN ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE in which an accountant wakes up to find out he's going on-stage in a lead role but he has done no rehearsal.  He finds himself on-stage in three different plays and what occurs is nothing short of hilarious.  FIVE ACTORS, A BACKSTAGE TEAM AND STUDENT DIRECTING TEAM ARE NEEDED FOR THIS SHOW.  


We will also be performing a MELODRAMA...that's an audience participation play with a hero, a villian, a damsel in distress.  The characters are introduced with music and the audience claps, hisses, boos, and much much more.  The melodrama we are doing is THE SCHEME OF THE DRIFTLESS SHIFTER.  15 ACTORS, A BACKSTAGE TEAM AND STUDENT DIRECTING TEAM ARE NEEDED FOR THIS SHOW.


So, you see that we are doing our best to involve lots of our multi-talented student performers and leaders.


All students who want to help out as actors in one or both of the shows, behind-the-scenes or on the directing team should plan on attending the informational/general meeting on Monday, September 15 from 2:54-3:34 in the Drama Room.  We will explain how to apply for a backstage job and how auditions work.  If you can't attend the general/informational meeting, please see Mr. McLaughlin.  Auditions and interviews will be done by appointment today and tomorrow. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, YOU DON'T NEED TO BE IN DRAMA CLASS, SCHEDULING IS FLEXIBLE and IF YOU HAVEN'T ATTENDED DRAMA NIGHT ALREADY IT'S NOT TOO LATE.


If you're not signed up to receive email or text updates, see the bottom of the bulletin for details.  


Want to know more about this year’s fall plays?  .  Want to be in the loop and receive text reminders?  Send @lcdra to 319.774.6520 or to receive EMAIL UPDATES send an email with nothing in the subject line to lcdra@mail.remind.com

SUMMARY OF AN ACTOR’S NIGHTMARE--A man finds himself inexplicably backstage one day. When he is confronted by the stage manager, Meg, it becomes apparent that he is the understudy for an actor named Edwin (Edwin Booth) and as "Eddie" apparently broke both his legs, the man must perform in his stead. The man is referred to as "George" throughout the play, despite him feeling that it is not his real name (another actress refers to him as Stanley at one point as well) and cannot remember attending any rehearsals or being an actor at all (he instead believes that he is an accountant). To make matters worse, he is unable to get a straight answer as to what the play is. An actress named Sarah tells him that it is a Noël Coward play (Private Lives) and the other actress Ellen tells him that it is a Samuel Beckett play called Checkmate (which seems to have elements of the plays Endgame, Happy Days, and Waiting for Godot). Literally forced on stage, George attempts to improvise his lines; however, the play inconsistently shifts between scenes from Private Lives, Hamlet, Checkmate, and A Man for All Seasons. When forced to improvise a soliloquy in the Hamlet scene, George tells the audience that he was raised in a Catholic school and was interested in joining a monastery but they told him to wait until he was older. When he was older, however, he lost faith (as he put it "I don't know many Catholic adults"). In the final part of the play (A Man for all Seasons), George is alarmed to learn that he is to play the part of Sir Thomas More - and the execution seems a bit too real for his liking. While attempting to convince himself that he is merely in a dream, George ends up theorizing that one can't dream of his own death and therefore he will wake up just before he is beheaded. He accepts the execution, but appears to really be dead during curtain call, much to the cast's confusion.

SUMMARY OF THE SCHEME OF THE DRIFTLESS SHIFTER Mixed-Up Melodrama, for even greater fun, may be played with an all-women cast. Int. It's all about the efforts of one bumbling cast and crew to produce a serious melodrama, and from the premature opening of the curtain to the completely confused curtain call, everything that could go wrong does.