Daily Student Bulletin

November 25, 2014

 Hy-Vee’s Cash for Students has started.  Please save your receipts and bring to Donna in the office.


Students are not to walk to the Middle School on early out Wednesdays.  This also includes using the back road for those that drive.


Students eating and or remaining after school on early out days must remain in the commons area and seated at a lunch table.  Students will not be allowed to wait in the hallway near the trophy cases or in areas other than the commons.  Students will remain seated at a lunch table until the dismissal announcement has been made.


Students who requested PSEO classes at IWCC for Spring 2015 need to see Mrs. Bode-Steinke as soon as possible to select classes and get their paperwork.


The following colleges will be in School Counseling.  Please get a pass from Renee or Mrs. Bode-Steinke to take advantage of this great opportunity to talk with a representative one on one or in a small group.


Attention Seniors:  Travel and Transport is working with Metro Community College to offer you the opportunity to earn your travel degree.  If you have any interest in working in the travel industry, see Renee in School Counseling to get a pass to meet with Travel and Transport at 1:00 on Monday, December 1.


There were 2 necklaces found in the parking lot.  See Donna in the office to identify.