Independent Reading Matters

Independent Reading Matters
Posted on 08/05/2020
Independent reading

Independent reading counts! Here are a few fun facts:

  • 20 min of independent reading per day leads to 1,800,000 words per year and correlates with scores in the 90th percentile rank on standardized tests.

  • 5 min of independent reading per day leads to 282,000 words per year and correlates with scores in the 50th percentile rank on standardized tests.

  • 1 min. of independent reading per day leads to 8,000 words per year and correlates scores in the 10th percentile.

  • Typically only 300-500 words can be taught directly to a student in a school year.

The more students read on own, in addition to activities they do for classes, the more successful they will be across the curriculum.  LCHS students meet in a Titan Time advisement group twice a week for thirty minutes. One session focuses on advisement topics like transcript review and goal-setting, while the other is devoted solely to independent reading.

Students may read any book or genre they choose. Appropriately challenging material is encouraged. Teachers use reading time to converse with students about what they are reading. “Book talks” by teachers and students also allow opportunities for all to share. Student participation is evaluated on a four criteria scale in descending order:  “Excellent,” “Satisfactory,” “Needs Improvement,” or “Unsatisfactory” each session. It is expected that students bring their book to class, read for the entire time allotted, not talk to/disturb others, and keep electronics put away (except for ebooks). Violating any of those criteria will result in a drop on the scale. The rubric used for grading is linked into PowerSchool for your child’s Titan Time Class.

More important than evaluating participation is getting the students involved in independent reading. Through book talks and one-on-one conversations with students, teachers encourage interest and reflection. Contests will be held in the upcoming months to encourage healthy competition for minutes read and to continue to build a culture of reading at school and beyond. Need a great conversation starter? Ask your child to talk about his or her book!  

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