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2011-2012 Homecoming Court

Congratulations to Lewis Central High School's
2011 Homecoming King and Queen...

Garrett Andersen & Jordan Reese!

King and Queen

Picture from LCHS Yearbook Staff


2011-2012 Homecoming Court

Lewis Central High School's 2011-2012
Homecoming Court

9th Grade
Madison Paulson
Joseph Gilman

10th Grade
Dana Doebelin
Lincoln Rodenburg

11th Grade
Jennifer Cox
Ryan Nightser 

 12 Queen Candidates
Bianca Zerwas
Delaney Higgins
Jordan Reese
Kelsey Brant
Kelsey LeClaire
Lacy Huckins
Marlee Price
Natalie Burton

 12th King Candidates 
Charles Dreager
Cody Hicks
Garrett Andersen
Jaden Brouse
LaMar Conner
Matthew Andersen
Noah Anderson
Thomas Jacobs

Front row-
Lacey Huckins, Marlee Price, Kelsey LeClaire, Jorden Reese

Middle Row-
Delaney Higgins, Bianca Zerwas, Natalie Burton, Kelsey Brant

Back Row-
Garrett Andersen, Matt Andersen, Charles Dreager, LaMar Conner,Jaden Brouse, Thomas Jacobs, Cody Hicks, Noah Anderson